Simplified Purchasing

for Orthodontic Practices

Meet Details Concierge
Order all of your supplies in one place, without changing suppliers.
“I have SO much more time to work with patients and other stuff around the office. I feel like I’ve got my life back!”
Lauren, Purchasing Staff Member
Orthodontic purchasing is chaotic
Chaotic purchasing leads to chaotic practices; costing time, money, and creating headaches.
Details Concierge helps you streamline ordering
With Details Concierge, purchasing supplies is as smooth as everything else in your practice.
One-Stop Shopping
One-Stop Ordering
Free up staff for patients + projects by ordering everything from one easy to use website (without changing suppliers).
One-Stop Savings
Take control of your supply spend through automatic price monitoring, discount discovery, and purchasing dashboard.
One-Stop Support
Hand off headaches like product research, order issues, and back-orders to your own Purchasing Concierge.
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