VektorPRO™ Class II Corrector Kit


VektorPRO™ Class II Corrector Kit in various sizes and kit types.

Sold By: TP Orthodontics


TP Orthodontics Jasper Vektor Class II Correction Appliance is the only appliance that produces gentle, intrusive force vectors that do not tip the maxilla – just what is required for efficient Class II correction.

  • Produces gentle, curved force vectors since the appliance flexes in 25-45% of its overall length
  • Protective silicone sleeve prevents soft tissue irritation
  • Robust nickel titanium to stainless steel assembly
  • Easy installation
  • Free from the “food zone”

Allows natural lateral mandibular movement for patient comfort

Compliance independent

Additional information

Kit Type

Single Kit, Multi Kit


27, 30, 33, 27, 30, 33


Yes, No


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