Sultan Healthcare – COM-FIT® GROOVY MASK


Sold By: DDS Dental


The Groovy Mask provides a superior level of protection. It boasts a 99.9% particulate filtration at both 0.1 and 1.0 micron as well as a 99.9% bacterial filtration at 3 micron. It has improved breatheability over leading fluid resistant masks since it does not contain a plastic barrier that can be very difficult to breathe through. This also helps prevent moisture buildup inside the mask. The Groovy Mask is rated at the highest level of Fluid Resistance by ASTM Test Standard F1862. This means you are protected from splash and spatter of blood and body fluids that can contain harmful germs and soak through the fibers of your mask. For added protection, the Groovy Mask with Eye Shield offers increased side protection and resistance to fogging over leading fluid resistant masks with shields. Both Groovy Masks offer an anti fog strip to improve visibility and prevent fogging whether youre wearing protective eyewear or the Groovy Mask with shield.


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