Shofu – Beautifil® Flow Plus Low Flow – F03 A2


Sold By: DDS Dental


Beautifil Flowable restorative material can be taken all the way to Occlusal (biting surface)! Because of this, it works easier, faster, and with less waste. It complements Beautifil II and comes in two viscosities: high flow (F10) and low flow (F02). Beautifil is ideal as a base or liner to prevent further caries, and can repair composite or ceramic veneers. Beautifil yields great results, regardless of what classification is being worked on, I, II, III, IV, or V! It was named Top Flowable on the market by CRA along with 3M Filtek and GC G-aniel.

In addition to its superior chemical properties, Beautifil Flowable is incredibly economic: firstly, it comes in an extra-large syringe of 2.2 grams! Secondly, though it performs just as well as 3M Filtek and GC G-aniel, it is priced at $33 per syringe, about half of the other two! Beautifil Flow is perfect for everything from pedo offices to clinics!

Works for all classifications
Extra-large syringe delivery
Only flowable with fluoride release and recharge
Two viscosities to choose from
Amazing value for a fraction of the cost


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