Sempermed – PolyMED Beaded Cuff, Ambidextrous Natural Rubber Latex Exam Glove – Small


Sold By: DDS Dental


Create a stronger bond against wear and tear with fusion bonding. A special manufacturing process that actually infused synthetic polymers into the latex. This creates a multi-layer glove that combines the elasticity of latex and the strength of copolymers, protecting against cracking and peeling in normal usage. Other manufacturing processes may simply apply a topical copolymer coating to the latex glove. Without fusion bonding, copolymers can fracture, creating particulate residue and possible delamination. 50 micrograms or less of total water-extractable proteins per gram. Eliminates potential aerosolization of glove powder and powder associated transfer of chemical allergens. Improved tactile sensitivity with increased gripping characteristics.


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