Reflex NiTi Aesthetic Wire (Package of 10)


Aesthetic preformed archwires are made from TP Orthodontics Reflex nickel-titanium wire. These Straight Arch shaped archwires are coated with a labial white tooth-colored coating.

Sold By: TP Orthodontics


Reflex nickel titanium wire combines superelasticity with high shape recovery to produce gentle, constant pressure for comfortable and efficient forces. Resists permanent distortion, allowing immediate engagement in severely malaligned anteriors without fracturing. Smoothly polished, friction-reducing finish allows brackets to slide easily.

TiMolium titanium wire combines the flexibility, continuous force and springback of nickel titanium with the high stiffness and bendability of stainless steel wire. Consistently outperforms nickel titanium and beta titanium wire in breakage resistance, smoothness, polish and flexibility.

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.012, .014, .016, 16×22


Lower, Upper


Nickel titanium

Package Size

Package of 10


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