Pre-Finisher® Semi-custom Finishing Appliance


Based on the proven design of the Original Tooth Positioner developed by TPO® over 70 years ago, the Pre-Finisher® appliance is a preformed, off-the-shelf finishing appliance that provides for detailed finishing.

Sold By: TP Orthodontics



TP Orthodontics Pre-Finisher® appliance is a semi-custom solution perfect for improving the occlusion in aligner and fixed-appliance patients.

When used as an adjunct to aligner treatment, it can reduce or eliminate additional trays required for case refinement – while correcting the posterior open bite often seen with aligner patients.

  • No laboratory wait or fees; immediate delivery to the patient
  • Relates teeth in both arches simultaneously; corrects open bite
  • Aligns, rotates and closes spaces
  • Sized in one-millimeter increments for precise fitting
  • Optional seating springs facilitate placement and retention
  • Ideal solution for the already-compliant aligner patient
  • Results in 2-3 weeks

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