Nu-Edge® Twin Cobalt Chromium Brackets (20 Piece Kit)


Nu-Edge® Roth and MBT mini twin cobalt-chromium bracket – Kit of 20.

Compatible with the Roth system; not endorsed by Dr. Roth.

Sold By: TP Orthodontics


Setting new standards for low friction

TP Orthodontics Nu-Edge® Brackets set the standard for all metal brackets by providing the following:

  • Reduced friction – Using CoCr provides increased surface hardness, reducing friction forces, which are influenced by surface roughness and hardness. CoCr also prevents archwire slot collapse due to occlusal stress.
  • Cast vs. machined – Nu-Edge® Brackets are cast rather than machined or milled. This produces an exceptionally smooth, precise archwire slot that further enhances the low-friction properties.
  • Corrosion-resistant – The CoCr alloy is naturally moisture-resistant.

Additional information


Roth, MBT


.018, .022


Non Pre-coated

Kit Size

20-pieces per kit


2 reviews for Nu-Edge® Twin Cobalt Chromium Brackets (20 Piece Kit)

  1. Dr. Kevin Lucas Verified Purchase

    I have incorporated Nu Edge brackets in my practice because of the low profile. This gives my patients comfort and decreases the chances of food/ plaque buildup eliminating potential tooth decalcification.

  2. Dr. Brooks Barefoot Verified Purchase

    I have used Nu-Edge for over 7 years and love their reliability. Easy to place and remove, no pinched slots, no issues with tie wings, and it is easy to cut steel ties around the brackets. Nu-Edge brackets are low profile while offering great rotational and torque control.

    I achieve better results with Nu-Edge in a large majority of cases than with self-ligating brackets and the key is the control that the brackets give me.

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