InVu Aesthetic Brackets (20 Piece Kit)


InVu Mini Ceramic Bracket KIT of 20 BRACKETS. MBT is a registered trademark of 3M.

Sold By: TP Orthodontics


Strength and beauty.

Meet the rising demand for aesthetic treatment and capitalize on a growing adult market with TP Orthodontics InVu Aesthetic Brackets.

InVu Aesthetic Brackets don’t just look better, they perform better! Effectively combining beauty with strength, InVu Aesthetic Brackets are precision-engineered to offer superior strength, easier bonding, cleaner debonding, lower friction, and a more open design for flexible ligation options. This bracket offers reliability that means your treatment will go smoothly and on schedule, exactly as planned. InVu Aesthetic Brackets are precision-engineered using an advanced injection-molded process that produces a smooth, strong, reliable ceramic bracket. Unlike machined ceramics, the InVu surface is virtually flawless, without the micro-fractures that lead to breakage. Smooth, rounded edges at the ends of the archwire slot create less friction between the bracket and archwire, resulting in a ceramic bracket that performs like metal.

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Roth, MBT


.018, .022


Pre-Coated, Non-Pre-Coated

Kit Size

20-pieces per case


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