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When it comes to comfortable Invisalign treatment, it’s all about the accessories!

The journey to your perfect smile is not paved with gold. The adjustments your mouth must make during clear aligner treatment will irritate your teeth and gums, so its good to have some of these products to help you along your way.

Our Favorite Invisalign Accessories starter box is perfect for you. We’ve curated six must have products and put them in one box, saving you time and money when you’re putting your kit together.

You’ll get seven bags of Movemints™ to keep your trays tight and your breath fresh, three OrthoKey for hands-free removal, and Soluria Smile Saver™ spray for on the go cleaning of your retainers. Because hygeine is important, we’re including a bag of Knotty Floss picks (made from cornstarch, not plastic) and to keep those pearly whites pearly, they make a whitening pen so we put that in too.

Finally, an extra retainer case with a convenient mirror to put a bow on this most excellent box. All you’ll need is a new bag to hold all these goodies!

Seven Bags of Movemints (nutrition facts below)
Three OrthoKey
One ounce bottle of Soluria™ SmileSaver spray
One Knotty Floss Whitening Pen
Thirty Knotty Floss flossing picks
One retainer case with a mirror inside
Place Movemints between your teeth with aligners in, and use gentle pressure to guide it into place using the grooves. Wearing your aligners with confidence can help you stay on track during your Smile Journey!

Place Orthokey’s hook between your tooth and aligner (tongue side or cheek side) on your very last molar. Gently pull downward with mild force to dislodge the aligner. Once your aligner is released, use the hook end to continue removing your aligner towards your two front teeth.

Remove your trays and spray all sides with Soluria™ SmileSaver spray. Wait 60 seconds, then re-insert. No rinsing necessary! Spray as often as desired to eliminate odors and bad taste.

Twist the Knotty Floss Whitening Pen to release the whitening gel. Use the brush applicator to apply the whitening gel to your teeth and watch your smile brighten by the day!

You know how important it is to floss during clear aligner treatment, right? Use these Knotty Floss Picks to quickly and conveniently floss when you’re on the go.

The retainer case is self-explanatory, but this one has a handy mirror to keep yourself in check wherever you are!


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