Forsus™ Fatigue Resistant Device Kits


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  • A simple one-step installation into the headgear tube.
  • A telescoping coaxial spring designed to allow for enhanced patient jaw opening.
  • A comfortable stainless steel mechanism that does not bow out into the cheek.
  • Low spring stresses to give the Forsus spring a longer, more fatigue-resistant life.
  • Open spring design to facilitate good oral hygiene.
  • One appointment installation, chairside, with no lab work required.
  • Independent left and right components; install only one side if desired.
  • Individual components available for re-order (see below).
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Replacement and additional parts are available for re-order as separate products. See:
Forsus Push Rods
Forsus Wire Mounts
Forsus Split Crimps
Forsus Reactivation Spacers
Forsus Push Rod Measurement Guides

You can provide a proven, efficient, aesthetic Class II correction treatment choice for your patients – one that works 24/7 with no patient compliance required. Forsus Class II Correctors are an effective alternative to headgear and elastics that can be added at any time, with or without molar bands. It’s easy to see why more than one million patients have used Forsus appliances in treatment, with beautiful, predictable results.

Forsus Class II Correctors are a study in efficiency that eliminates
time-consuming laboratory setup. Attach the Forsus appliance to the
upper molars and lower arch, creating a mesial force on the lower arch
and a distal force on the upper arch. Long-lasting, consistent forces
mean a more predictable outcome for your patients.

Product benefits:

• Aesthetic – no more headgear
• Out-of-the-box solution – no labs required
• Use with or without molar bands
• Efficient treatment that works 24/7

The Forsus Class II Corrector is fatigue resistant to perform reliably throughout the course of treatment. Best of all, as an intra-oral corrector, it is out of sight, making it your choice for aesthetic Class II correction.

The EZ2 module allows for more consistent installation and automatically prevents the spring from pivoting toward the cheek. The EZ2 module can be used only with an occlusal headgear tube and has permanently marked indicators for the left and right sides.

The L-pin module allows for more flexible installation options and movement in the mouth. It can be used with a gingival or occlusal headgear tube. The left and right sides are universal. It is also used with the Forsus Wire Mount, permitting installation without a molar tube.

The Forsus™ Wire Mount slides onto the archwire and provides an attachment option for the L-pin Spring Module, thus eliminating the need for molar bands and making it easier to incorporate the Forsus Device mid-treatment.

All 1-Patient Kits include 2 spring modules (EZ2 or L-pin), 1 right push rod, 1 left push rod, and 2 split crimps


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EZ2 Module, L-Pin Module


5-Patient Kit, 20-Patient Kit, 1-Patient Kit, Push Rod X-Short (22 mm), 1-Patient Kit, Push Rod Short (25 mm), 1-Patient Kit, Push Rod Medium (29 mm), 1-Patient Kit, Push Rod Large (32 mm), 1-Patient Kit, Push Rod X-Large (35 mm), 1-Patient Kit, Push Rod XX-Large (38 mm)



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