Evolve Low Profile Brackets – Individual .018


Sold By: DB Orthodontics, Inc.


A 15% reduction in height means your patients will enjoy greater comfort during treatment. With the same mesio-distal width as our standard Evolve, you still have the rotational control needed to achieve the required results.

Ultra Low Friction Slot

  • CNC manufactured slot and advanced polishing process creates mirror finish by removing high level surface peaks at molecular level.

Rounded Tie Wings

  • For patient comfort.

Mushroom Shaped Hook

  • Secures chains and attachment and prevents slipping in between patient appointments.

Center Scribe Line

  • For accurate placement in line with the axis of the tooth

Also available with gingivally offset bicuspid brackets. Available in .018 Roth and MBT.

Additional information


Upper Right, Upper Left, Lower Right, Lower Left


Central 1, Lateral 2, Lower Incisors 1 2, Canine 3 w/ hook, 1st Bicuspid 4, 1st Bicuspid 4 w/ hook, 2nd Bicuspid 5, 2nd Bicuspid 5 w/ hook


.018 MBT, .018 Roth


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