WhitenFresh 6-Pack


  • Quantity: 6 bottles
  • Volume: 10ml
  • Lasts: 60 days if used twice daily
  • Ship Weight: 0.42lb
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Sold By: EverSmile, Inc.


  • Freshens breath on-the-go
  • Whitens teeth on-the-go
  • Virtually no tooth sensitivity

EverSmile® WhitenFresh™ is a patented cleaning, freshening and tooth whitening spray that also kills bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay. WhitenFresh is perfect for refreshing your breath after a meal or before an important meeting. Used regularly, WhitenFresh can prevent coffee stains from ever setting in and will work to correct wine and smoking stains.

Because WhitenFresh uses a low dose of hydrogen peroxide, it does not cause the sensitivity you experience with whitening strips and gels and can be used safely up to 6 times per day.

Keep your WhitenFresh in your pocket or purse all day long to freshen breath and whiten teeth. Be striking.

All it takes is 3 simple steps:

  1. 2-3 Sprays.
  2. Spread on teeth with tongue.
  3. Swish for 5-20 seconds.

WhitenFresh 6-Pack Directions

Just Spray Spray 1 pump into mouth on teeth and tongue. Use tongue to spread solution over teeth and swish with product for up to 20 seconds. If you experience sensitivity, reduce number of pumps. Use 3 times per day for optimal results. Can be used up to 6 times per day.
Water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerine, PVP, PEG, sucralose, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, etidronic acid, mentha arvensis (mint) oil.
  • On-The-Go Breath Freshening
  • On-The-Go Teeth Whitening
  • After Coffee / Tea
  • After Meals / Before Going Out
  • On Your Aligners

Does EverSmile WhitenFresh cause tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity has never been reported with the proper use of EverSmile WhitenFresh when used as directed. If sensitivity does occur reduce usage to once per day and consult your orthodontist.

How many times per day can I use EverSmile WhitenFresh?

EverSmile WhitenFresh can be used safely up to 6 times per day.

How long does one bottle of EverSmile WhitenFresh last?

Each 10ml bottle will last approximately 30 days if used 3 times daily.

How long until my teeth start to whiten?

The whitening process will begin immediately, with visible results after 2-3 weeks of daily use.

Is WhitenFresh safe on all orthodontics brackets/materials?

Yes! WhitenFresh is safe and works on all forms of brackets, wires, dental crowns, veneers, composites, and clear aligners.

Is this product safe to use while pregnant?

As with any tooth whitening product, EverSmile WhitenFresh cannot be recommended while pregnant.

Why was WhitenFresh developed?

WhitenFresh was developed for on-the-go customers to freshen breath and whiten teeth using a patent pending formula consisting of hydrogen peroxide and cleaning agents. The hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria that causes bad breath and tooth decay. The whitening effects are similar to those of any peroxide based whitening product.


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