Dentagrafix Thermal-Forming Plastic Sheet NBALAB Collection


Dentagrafix® replaces ordinary clear plastic appliances with something fun, exciting, and more personalized. This helps prevent them from getting lost or not worn at all

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Material is 125mm diameter circle, 0.030″ thick thermoforming sheet. We recommend this material for aligners fabricated in machine that accepts circular sheets.

Retainer – Circle
Material is 125mm diameter circle, 0.040″ thick thermoforming sheet. We recommend this material for retainers fabricated in machine that accepts circular sheets.

Retainer – Square
Material is 5″ x 5″ square, 0.040” thick thermoforming sheet. We recommend this material for retainers fabricated in machine that accepts square sheets.

Goodbye, Ordinary. Hello, Extraordinary.

Dentagrafix® was developed to make orthodontic treatment more fun and interactive for patients. In place of ordinary clear plastic dental appliances, Dentagrafix® is revolutionizing the industry with new thermoformable plastic material with integrated graphic designs.

These colorful plastics not only empower patients to make positive decisions about their treatment, but also reduce the likelihood of lost appliances.

A Win-Win for Doctors and their Patients

Orthodontists are challenged to find ways to maintain patient motivation during treatment. The retention phase is particularly dependent upon patient engagement and compliance.

Clear appliances are easy and cost-effective to make in-house but didn’t give patients the opportunity to customize color and design. Until now! Dentagrafix® appliances will lead to better patient compliance while offering Doctors an exciting way to differentiate their practices.

Dentagrafix® is revolutionizing the market for removable plastic dental appliances. Dentagrafix® uses a proprietary, patent pending manufacturing process to create FDA Compliant, decorated plastic sheets for dental professionals and labs to fabricate unique and expressive retainers, aligners and mouth guards. Differentiate your practice by offering Dentagrafix® plastics and bring a sense of self-expression and creativity to products that are otherwise plain and ordinary.

What is Dentagrafix®?

Dentagrafix® sells FDA compliant, BPA free, decorated plastic sheets for thermoforming that are used to fabricate unique, personalized clear retainers, aligners, mouthguards and other dental appliances.

Where is Dentagrafix® created?

Dentagrafix® Plastics are 100% manufactured in the USA!

Will the designs fade or transfer onto the teeth?

Dentagrafix® uses a patent-pending process to manufacture our plastics which will not transfer, smear or fade over time.

What is the difference between Dentagrafix® and a regular retainer/aligner/mouth guard?

Dentagrafix® takes something that is dull and ordinary and makes it fun, exciting and expressive!

Does Dentagrafix® last a lifetime?

Dentagrafix® appliances will last as long as appliances made with similar clear plastics. Longevity may vary depending on how patients care for appliances and their doctor’s recommendation for use.

How do I care for my Dentagrafix® appliances?

Follow your doctor’s instructions on how best to care for your appliances. Dentagrafix® plastics act and respond very similarly to other plastics used to make dental appliances and are safe to use with traditional dental appliance cleaners.

Additional information


East Package – 25 sheets, The Starting Lineup – 45 sheets, West Package – 20 sheets

Plastic Type

Aligner 0.030" (Circle), Retainer 0.040" (Circle), Retainer 0.040" (Square)



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