Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Bracket Kits


• Available with 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive precoating.
• Free of any metal parts showing.
• Door is as wide as bracket.
• An audible click is heard when the door opens and closes.
• Reliable, self-ligating doors withstand more than 2x the open-and closing-cycles of typical treatment.
• 3M™ MBT™ Versatile+ Appliance System prescription.
• Fine-grained alumina ceramic provides excellent translucency.

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Instruments recommended:
Unitek™ Open-Close Instrument
Unitek™ Debonding Instrument

Also Available in individual self-ligating brackets

Practice confidently. Smile beautifully.
Get the treatment control and flexibility you need for precise and predictable outcomes – from start to finish.
And, give your patients the fully-esthetic natural look they demand.

Designed with both the patient and orthodontist in mind, our innovative 3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets provide treatment control and predictability from start to finish.

3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets offer rotational control, improved
versatility and 3M’s unique stress concentrator designed for predictable,
consistent debonding.

Clarity Ultra Brackets available precoated with APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive

Powered by technology, the APC Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System is the most efficient bonding system in orthodontics. Our innovative design created a unique adhesive bonding substrate on the base of the bracket that saves you time and positively impacts patient satisfaction.

  • Translucent and stain-resistant, Clarity Ultra brackets are an excellent fully-aesthetic choice for you and your patients.
  • Innovative, smooth ceramic bracket surfaces and edges are designed for patient comfort so your patients can live confidently.
  • Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets are passive, but can be activated with the proprietary oval under tie-wing ligation design.
  • A wide ceramic door assists rotational control with a broad mesial-distal span.
  • Reliable door mechanism designed to resist unplanned opening and closing.
  • Unique stress concentrator for predictable squeeze debonding.
  • Clarity Ultra brackets do not require elastomeric ligatures which may stain during treatment.
  • Color-coded with identification dots, vertical and horizontal reference marks for easy bracket selection, and positioning.
  • Compatible with many 3M appliances to give orthodontists custom control and achieve results based on treatment preferences and the unique needs of the patient.

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Uncoated, APC Flash-Free Adhesive System


U/L Lt/Rt 5×5 Hk, U Lt/Rt 5×5 Hk



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